Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NPA Rebels Step Up Attacks in CamSur

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, CamSur – Two small-scale attacks were launched by the NPA terrorist rebels after the series of skirmishes that killed 5 Army soldiers four days ago, a military report said.

On May 30, the night before the visit of PGMA in Camarines Sur, more or less 5 rebels harassed the San Pedro Detachment of the 22nd Infantry Battalion in Iriga City. No one was reported injured after the 10-minute firefight.

At 10:00pm last night (May 31), more or less 10 rebels fired upon the CAFGU personnel manning another CAFGU detachment in Cambalidio village in Libmanan town, triggering a 10-minute exchange of gunfire.

Snipers who were manning the watch towers in the detachment claimed to have hit some of the rebels.

“Through his sniper scope, my sniper saw the flash of the enemy’s rifle behind the coconut tree. My sniper was able to hit him (NPA rebel) but he was dragged away by his comrades,” said Col Leoncio Cirunay, Commander of the CAFGU Battalion in the Bicol Region.

Troops of Cambalidio detachment who conducted clearing operations early this morning found blood traces along the enemy positions and some spent shells used by the attackers.

The series of attacks came after the deployment of at least 300 soldiers in Presentacion town two days ago.

Government forces have launched a massive combat operations to hunt down terrorist rebels who ambushed a squad of soldiers tasked to secure a road project which links Presentacion to Caramoan town.

LtCol Ernesto Cruz, Commander of the 42nd Infantry Battalion said that he has alerted his troops about the possible ‘hit-and-run’ attacks by the terrorist rebels.

“We are aware about this diversionary tactics of the communist terrorist rebels. These diversionary attacks are intended to ease the pressure on their comrades in Presentacion town who are now being relentlessly hunted by the feared Scout Rangers,” said Cruz.

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