Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 Dead and 1 Wounded Militiaman in CamSur Shooting

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, CamSur – An off-duty militiaman fell dead while another companion was critically wounded in a shooting incident in CamSur at 7:30pm last night (Jan 26), a military report said.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Purugganan, the Commanding Officer of the 22nd Infantry Battalion which supervises the CAFGU personnel of the 9th Infantry Division said that the victims were on an off-duty status during the incident which happened in Libmanan town.

“They were visiting the house of Arman Penaflor, an employee of LTO, when 5 heavily armed men barged in and poked a gun at them while declaring the robbery,” said Purugganan.

"Cornering Penaflor's wife who was held at gunpoint inside their store, the robbers demanded all the jewelry and some cash. The two militiamen attempted to grab the weapons of the robbers who were near them but they were subdued and shot repeatedly," Purugganan revealed, quoting sources who belong to Penaflor family.

Purugganan identified the fatality as militiaman Ely Tario,25, who sustained gunshot wounds in his chest. The victim was declared on arrival at a local hospital in the same town.

The other militiaman, Emar Almadrones,26, survived the shooting and was brought to a hospital in Naga City for treatment.

The robbers immediately fled carting away valuables from the Penaflor household including jewelry, cellphones and some cash.

Police officers who rushed to the scene reported that robbery was the main motive of the assailants. “The two militiamen were just in the wrong place and the wrong time,” said one duty policeman who requested anonymity.

SOCO operatives found empty shells of Cal .45 and 9mm in the crime scene.

Mary Grace, Almadrones’s wife, accompanied the medical evacuation of his husband to a larger hospital in Naga City.

“The doctor has declared him out of danger but a bullet is still stuck inside his face while another one hit his eye,” she said..

Major General Ruperto Pabustan, the Commander of the 9th Infantry Division, has condemned the senseless shooting. He also commended the CAFGU personnel for their ‘acts of heroism’ in defending the hapless civilians during the robbery incident.

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