Wednesday, October 7, 2009

83IB Troops Score Anew

Caramoran, Catanduanes - At about 7:50 in the morning of October 6, 2009, the Scout Platoon of the 83rd Infantry Battalion under 1LT JERRY DOLDOL (INF) PA battled more or less twenty (20) local communist terrorists (LCTs) in Bgy Sabloyon, Caramoran, Catanduanes. Acting on a tip-off from a resident, LTC ROMEO BASCO, 83IB Battalion Commander, quickly sent out his scout platoon to confirm the report.

At about 6:30am, 1LT DOLDOL and his troops were able to close-in on the enemy location in the outskirts of Brgy Sabloyon. Seeing the three unarmed young boys who were cooking the food for the rebels, 1LT DOLDOL waited for the opportune time to strike. As the rebels were leaving, he ordered his troops to fire at the rebels which resulted to the instantaneous death of at least three rebels. The remaining rebels however grabbed the three unarmed youngsters (19yrs old, 15yrs old, and 12yrs old boys) and used them as human shields. This prompted 1LT DOLDOL to order his troops to delay the assault and deliver accurate fires at the fleeing rebels who dragged away their dead comrades. A fierce running gunbattle ensued as the troops tried to rescue the three youngsters who were desperately crying for help. As more rebels were hit by Army marksmen, the rebels finally freed the three young boys who quickly rushed towards the position of government troops. After scouring the immediate scene of the firefight, the troops discovered two highpowered firearms (one (1) M16 Rifle and one (1) M14 Rifle) left behind by the rebels. Trails of blood were also found along the route of withdrawal.

The three young boys (names purposely withheld) were later turned over to their "Lolo Andong", Mr Rolando Layba. Too scared by their dreadful experience, the three young boys refrained from discussing their ordeal but nonetheless gave the thumbs up sign as they were reunited with their beloved grandfather. However, one local resident has nothing but contempt for the LCTs in putting the lives of the three youngsters in grave danger. "Mga Daing Supog! Mayong Bayag! (Shameless Cowards!)", muttered the unidentified resident.

Last month, same LCT group attempted to burn engineering equipment being used in the construction of the Solong Hydroelectric Plant in San Miguel, Catanduanes after the concerned construction firm refused to pay extortion money to the LCTs. Likewise, for the past two months, 83IB has facilitated the surrender of ten (10) rebels and gave them needed assistance to integrate back to mainstream society to start a new life for their respective families.

In a related interview by Mr. Andy Vital of DZRH, Major Harold Cabunoc, PIO 9ID, expressed his gratitude to the people of Catanduanes for their renewed cooperation to the troops of the 9th Infantry Division. "Rest assured that the Philippine Army through the soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division is fully committed to serve you, Bicolanos, in the best manner possible.", he assured.

As of this time, pursuit operations against the LCTs are ongoing.

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