Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Former Rebel Turned Over Arms Cache To 31IB Troops

Sipocot, Camarines Sur - Realizing the benefits of the government Social Integration Program (SIP), former rebel (FR) Gilbert Llandelar decided to surrender on April 21, 2009 and eventually turned-over three (3) highpowered firearms months after he surrendered to LTC LUIS REX D BERGANTE, commanding officer of 31st Infantry Battalion (31IB).

Mr. Llandelar surrendered to military authorities without bringing with him any firearm. But after proving himself the sincerity of his new friends in the military and experiencing by himself the benefits of SIP, he became truly convinced that it was about time to tell all and fully cooperate in the peace and development efforts of the 9th Infantry Division. Mr. Llandelar eventual turn around from his former group was also hastened by his constant communication to his former comrades in the NPA's Front Committee 73. He was consistently told about the dire situation of NPA cadres having difficulty generating extortion money from residents and businessmen in the area.

Fully trusting his new friends in the military, Mr. Llandelar divulged to LTC BERGANTE the arms cache hidden by his group somewhere in Sitio Palang, Brgy Baya, Ragay, Camarines Sur. Wasting no time, LTC BERGANTE sent a platoon led by 1LT ARMANDO S BOHOL to retrieve said fireams. At about 7am of October 7, 2009, 31IB troops were able to recover three (3) M16 rifles and brought them to Headquarters 31IB for safekeeping and proper disposition.

MGEN RUPERTO R PABUSTAN AFP, commanding general of 9ID, immediately commended the troops of 31IB for their latest accomplishment. He urged them to continue their remarkable ISO campaign in Lupi-Sipocot-Ragay area, where a series of Army-initiated encounters occurred during the past months. Likewise, he noted that the surrender of Llandelar with the three (3) firearms was a big blow to the NPA's capability in the region taking into consideration the recent influx of rebel returnees in the past few months.

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