Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remains Of "Kangaroo Court" Victims Exhumed By Residents (2)

Camalig, Albay - Local residents and troops of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, PA exhumed another skeletal remains of a person believed to be a victim of summary killing by the local terrorist group New Peoples Army (NPA).

The skeletal remains was later identified to that of one Mario Napay, a 15 year-old kid who was abducted and executed sometime in the 1990s. Relatives of Mr. Napay positively identified his personal belongings. After initial investigation by SOCO personnel, they found out that Mr. Napay bore signs of torture as evidenced by an electrical wire that was used to bind and strangled him to death. So far, Mr. Napay is the second victim who was positively identified after the skeletal remains of the late Francisco Musa was claimed by his wife who vividly described the underwear worn by his husband at the time he was forcibly abducted by NPA terrorists.

On the other hand, MAJOR GENERAL RUPERTO R PABUSTAN AFP, commanding general of 9ID, sincerely expressed his gratitude to local residents and rebel surrenderees who continuously supported the efforts of the 9th Infantry Division in the Bicol region. MGEN PABUSTAN also lauded his troops for their dedication to duty.

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