Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NPA Rebels Held Hostage a Soldier’s Family Members, Killed a One Sibling

NPA MURDER VICTIM. Imelda Velasco (covered by a blanket in the foreground) lay dead after being shot by NPA rebels using a 40mm Grenade Launcher inside her home in Bgy Managa-naga, Aroroy, Masbate at 6:00pm on 24 May 2010. Velasco was killed in retaliation for the alleged abuses against the people committed by her brother who is an Army soldier.

ACTS OF BANDITRY. After murdering a hapless woman, members of the Jose Rapsing Command of the CPP-NPA-NDF based in Masbate Province ransacked and took some personal belongings including valuable items from the home of Private First Class Gene Velasco of the 9th Infantry Division.

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, CamSur – An Army soldier’s sister was shot and killed by NPA terrorist rebels who also held hostage several of the family members in a remote village of Aroroy, Masbate, a military report said.

Quoting a report that reached 9ID headquarters last night, Major Harold M Cabunoc, Division Spokesman said Imelda Madrilejos y Velasco, 42, the older sister of Private First Class Gene Velasco, was shot and killed by more or less 10 NPA rebels in Managa-naga village at about 6pm on 24 May 2010, Thursday.

In a telephone interview, Pfc Velasco said that he received a phone call from her sister that the bandits were demanding him to ‘rescue’ his family members who were held hostage inside his house.

Velasco revealed that the CPP-NPA-NDF’s Jose Rapsing Command based in Masbate Province had demanded from his father, Pepito Velasco, 65, an extortion demand amounting to P50,000.00 annually.

He said that they were demanded of the so-called ‘revolutionary tax’ because they are maintaining over 200 cows inside their pastureland.

“I know some of these bandits personally and Ka JP and Ka Michael are among the assailants. They are angry because my father does not want to pay them extortion money. They also disliked that I am taking part of the military operations to flush the NPA rebels in my own hometown,” said Velasco.

Velasco added that he did not follow the demands of the NPA rebels despite knowing that Imelda was already hogtied and tortured by the rebels. He did not expect that his family members would not be spared by the terrorist rebels.

Deta Bolapos y Velasco, 33, another sister, lived to tell the horrible incident that transpired that night. She said that she and his husband, Joey Bolapos, 45, were inside the adjacent house about 50m from Imelda’s home when suddenly, 7 heavily armed rebels forcibly opened the front door of her house and held them at gun point.

“At first, I thought they were Army soldiers like my brother because they were wearing camouflaged uniforms. The leader of the group told me to relax because he said that he was awaiting for my brother to rescue us all,” said Deta.

Not far away, she heard her sister arguing with another group of armed men. She heard the loud shouts from one of the rebels demanding all family members to leave the place, dispose the property because they will destroy all their houses. Moments later, she heard a deafening sound of explosion which rocked even her house a few meters away.

Afterwards, she heard the rebels arguing to each other on who fired the weapon.

“That explosion resulted to a heated altercation among themselves. They hurriedly left the scene and I later discovered that my sister was shot and died instantly.”

“The policemen recovered the spent shell of the 40mm Grenade Launcher when they came later in the night. My sister suffered gun shot wounds to her body and left arm,” added Deta.

The latest incident paints a grim picture about the so-called communist insurgency in the Bicol Region. The series of murders, arson and bombings has earned for the communist rebels a terrorist tag in the international community.

In 2009, the NPA terrorist rebels had killed 52 people in the Bicol Region. The list of the victims include 30 civilians who were accused of being military informants or deep-penetration agents and those who refused to pay the extortion demands.

In 2010, the CPP-NPA-NDF has continued its murderous killing spree victimizing unarmed soldiers, resulting to the killing of 1 soldier, 7 CAFGU personnel and 4 civilians.

Lately, they abducted and executed two off-duty militiamen after burning two motor-graders which were used to construct the road linking Minalabac town to the adjacent town of Bula.

Major General Ruperto Pabustan, Commander of the 9th Infantry Division has directed the AFP Special Task Force Masbate to intensify its ISO Campaign after the successful conduct of the historic first automated elections. Pursuit operation is undergoing.

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