Friday, September 10, 2010

Traslacion 2010

300 na sundalo ang itinalaga bilang "Voyadores" sa Traslacion (prosesyon) kaninang 3:00 pm. Simula sa San Franciso Church hanggang sa Cathedral, ang mga sundalo ang nag-cordon sa karitela na nagkarga sa imahe ng Lady of Penafrancia.

Naging matagumpay ang nasabing aktibidad na dinaluhan ng daang-daang libong mga deboto mula sa ibat-ibang lugar maging mga taga-ibang bansa. (Video by Major HAROLD M CABUNOC/PAO 9ID)


  1. Indeed the said activity was a success. Given the fact that some multicolor voyadores would tend to ruin the sanctity of Ina`s procession. The collaboration of the 9th IB, with the special participation of the Guardias de maria, holds the ease of Ina`s traslacion. We and the all pilgrims hope to improve our efforts for the betterment of the upcoming fluvial procession. And the years to come. viva la virgen ^(`@`)^

  2. Major Harold M CabunocSeptember 11, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    Your soldiers, the 9ID personnel, will continue its services for the Penafrancia Festival up to September 20, 2010.

    Let us help get rid of these nuisance devotees who join the peaceful and solemn activity as if they are gatecrashing into a wild street party!

    Our police will welcome them inside their jails if extremely needed.