Friday, September 10, 2010

Suspected NPA 'Killing Fields' Discovered in Sorsogon

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur – Army soldiers discovered a suspected ‘killing fields’ in an upland village of Sorsogon City yesterday, a military official said.

1st Lieutenant Oliver Dela Cruz, Commander of Charlie Company, 49th IB said that a former rebel pinpointed the location of one of the remains believed to be that of Julius Espadera, a CAFGU member who was abducted by the NPA terrorist rebels about 4 years ago.

The skeletal remains were unearthed by the soldiers in a shallow grave located in Marinas village in Sorsogon City at around 2:30pm.

Dela Cruz said that the burial site is located in an unpopulated and hilly portion of the village bordering with Gubat town. The local police and some media practitioners accompanied the soldiers as the remains were dug out.

“My informant revealed that Espadera is one of the victims of the summary executions perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF in CY 2006. He (informant) was the one who identified the victim through his clothing,” said Dela Cruz.

The informant had also claimed that there were many other skeletal remains of victims buried by the NPA rebels in that same area. He said that he is finding a way to contact the other former rebels who have direct knowledge about the precise locations of these burial sites.

Espadera’s remains were brought to the police station in Sorsogon City for further investigation. Relatives of the victims were also contacted to help in the identification process.

The terrorist rebels have continued its policy of extra-judicial killings in the Bicol Region as it wage its ‘protracted war’ against the government.

Last year, 52 people were summarily executed for various allegations of ‘offenses against the masses’.

In 2010, military records have tallied 33 people killed all over Bicol Region.

A certain Dondie Dioda of Irosin town was the latest victim after he was gunned down by suspected NPA bandits in Gubat town on September 7, Tuesday.

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